You can directly support the work of student activists

Support student activists by donating towards an EC4EC Campus Starter Kit. Each kit comes with:

  • 20 doses of EC
  • 20 pregnancy test strips and paper cups
  • 50 condoms
  • ASEC pens
  • ASEC and EC4EC stickers
  • EC quick facts postcards
  • Brown paper bags

This holiday season, share the love with your friends, family and colleagues! A donation to EC4EC makes a great gift for someone in your life who is passionate about EC access and supporting the work and voices of student leaders. Just include the name and address of the person you're honoring with this gift in the Notes section at checkout who the donation is in honor of (and their mailing address), and we'll send a hand-written note to acknowledge your gift. 


Suggested amounts are below...donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!


Covers the cost of 1 EC4EC Campus Starter Kit


Ally for Autonomy

Be an ally for reproductive autonomy


EC Advocate

Covers partial cost of 1 EC4EC Campus Starter Kit


Supporter of Students

Covers shipping cost for one EC4EC Campus Starter Kit


*Disclaimer: The suggested levels are estimates based on the current cost of resources. These are subject to change. In addition to covering the costs of our EC4EC Campus Starter Kits, we may use your donation in other ways that seem fit for the project including: technology management, administrative work, legal analysis and more. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our co-coordinators, Kelly Cleland and Nicola Brogan