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EC4EC is a project of the American Society for Emergency Contraception (ASEC), which envisions a world in which everyone, everywhere can access affordable EC without stigma or barriers. We collaborate across campuses to share information, support, and strategy.  Our work is grounded in the understanding that individuals know best what they need and that everyone has the right to self-determination. Our strategy is to use our expertise and deep network to organize alongside students and communities, so the initiatives that we support are authentically responsive to community needs. 


EC4EC is guided by regional fellows from diverse institutions across the United States. 

Regional fellows

Christina Anderson

Christina Anderson, a sophomore at Xavier University of Louisiana, is actively shaping the landscape of reproductive rights. Pursuing a major in Public Health with a Biology minor, she currently serves as the Sophomore Class Vice President in the Student Government Association, where she advocates for the well-being of her peers. Engaged as an EC4EC Regional Organizing Fellow and co-organizer for the EC Dispensary, Christina is on a mission to enhance emergency contraception access for local university students. Her participation in the BGSRR cohort for HIV awareness and prevention reflects her commitment to addressing health inequalities and disparities.


Beyond academics, Christina aspires to become a physician assistant, adding a personal touch to her journey in healthcare. Her vision extends to improving EC accessibility at colleges in the Louisiana region, particularly in the New Orleans Area, where she actively participates in peer-to-peer distribution initiatives. With special interests in HIV prevention, reproductive rights, and combating health disparities, Christina Anderson is not just a participant; she's a driving force behind positive change in emergency contraception and public health.

Dede Effon

Deborah Dede-E. Effon (she/her), a student of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte attaining degrees in Public Health and Communication Studies, stands as a dedicated advocate for public health and reproductive justice. Among her numerous achievements, Deborah was among a select group of 75 student leaders chosen nationwide to engage in a student leader roundtable with Vice President Kamala Harris in October 2022 in Washington, D.C. Handpicked by the Vice President's office, Deborah contributed to discussions on reproductive health, rights, and justice on college campuses. 


Her background includes pivotal roles as a Wellness Peer Health Educator at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Fellow at organizations like the American Society for Emergency Contraception and Planned Parenthood South Atlantic, where she spearheaded initiatives, organized events, and conducted comprehensive research to champion equitable access to healthcare, particularly in areas of emergency contraception and abortion healthcare access. Her extensive volunteer work with organizations like the Carolina Abortion Foundation and Advocates for Youth further highlights her dedication to reproductive healthcare access and education. Certified as a Peer Educator and Community Health Worker, Deborah's skill set in health promotion, curriculum development, and group facilitation reflects her commitment to fostering inclusive dialogues and effecting positive change in public health advocacy.

Ella Hansen

Ella Hansen (she/her) is a fourth year undergraduate student at Loyola University Chicago, where she is majoring in Biology and Women & Gender Studies and minoring in French and Bioethics while following the pre-med track and the honors program. Ella is an organizer for Students for Reproductive Justice, an organization on Loyola’s campus that primarily provides students with safer-sex resources. Passionate about increasing accessibility to these products and services, Ella is currently co-leading the STI campaign which serves to establish reduced, if not free costs for testing on Loyola’s campus. Ella is also a point-person for EZEC, a project that provides students with free emergency contraception and has most recently successfully launched an initiative in the surrounding Rogers Park neighborhood, donating personal hygiene kits to the houseless and migrant communities. Currently, Ella is doing research and publishing a podcast on the link between climate change and sexual and reproductive health, looking into how the climate justice and reproductive justice movements can collaborate to facilitate change. In the future, she hopes to attend medical school and become an OBGYN specializing in queer reproductive health, while working with educators to shift how we teach sex education in schools. When she is not working or busy with school and Students for Reproductive Justice, Ella plays violin in the student orchestra.

Ellen Herlihy

Ellen Herlihy (she/her/hers) is currently in her third year at Bard College in New York, where she is pursuing a degree in Human Rights. Serving as the President of the Planned Parenthood Generation Action Chapter on campus, she is a student advocate for reproductive justice. Ellen also works for the Office of Title IX and Nondiscrimination at Bard. Here she developed the Bard College Trans Resource Guide, a document outlining key resources for students who are thinking about, are or have transitioned at Bard. Ellen is passionate about making all types of resources accessible to college students, especially those in marginalized communities. Presently, she is at the forefront of efforts to enhance resource accessibility by leading the implementation of a Wellness Vending Machine at Bard College. This initiative aims to streamline access to emergency contraception and harm reduction supplies on campus. At EC4EC, Ellen is a regional organizer for the state of New Jersey and works with schools from across the country who have implemented EC vending machines to create Fact Sheets about their machines. Outside of her advocacy work Ellen is a huge sports fan, loves all types of espresso and is a part of the knitting club at Bard.

Lauryn McMillan

Lauryn McMillan (She/Her) is a junior undergraduate student at Hampton University studying Health Science with a concentration in Community Health Promotion. She is passionate about health disparities and reproductive justice. Lauryn currently works with Hampton Univeristy’s chapter of Generation Action and does peer-to-peer distribution of free emergency contraception and menstrual products.  After undergrad, Lauryn plans to get her masters in Public Health with a concentration in Health Equity.

Nimisha Srikanth

Nimisha Srikanth (she/her) is a Master of Public Health in Social and Behavioral Sciences student at Yale University School of Public Health. She serves as a Regional Organizing Fellow at Emergency Contraception 4 Every Campus and Student Organizer at Advocates For Youth and works as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Substances and Sexual Health (SASH) Lab at Yale University. She is passionate about reproductive justice, health disparities, youth advocacy, and community empowerment. Nimisha has worked on multiple projects regarding abortion advocacy, access to emergency contraception, and sex + consent education at Texas A&M and in her home state of Texas. At Yale, she is working on emergency contraception and doula campaigns and is a co-chair for Reproductive Health Equity Now (RHEN) at the Yale School of Public Health. She is looking forward to continuing expanding her advocacy in her new community in Connecticut and further integrating activism in her academics.

Sarae Sinville

Sarae Sinville (she/her) is a junior undergraduate at Stanford University. She is currently studying Human Biology with the concentration, Social Determinants of Reproductive and Sexual Health as well as Symbolic Systems. She has a special interest in queerness, specifically Black queerness, and the barriers that prevent marginalized groups from accessing comprehensive sex education, sexual healthcare, and reproductive healthcare. Sarae started her advocacy journey in high school where she worked with the Texas Equal Access Fund to advocate for comprehensive education, and later abortion rights. Sarae currently serves as the co-president of Stanford Planned Parenthood where she previously led the social justice and health services teams. As co-president, Sarae launched a peer-to-peer distribution of free emergency contraception. In the future, Sarae aspires to go to law school and use her background in Human Biology to create meaningful change to healthcare policy. 

Sarah Peters

Sarah Peters (she/her) is a reproductive justice activist at the University of Missouri studying Political Science with minors in Constitutional Democracy and Psychology. She is a former White House intern with experience serving as the Social Justice Chair of the University of Missouri. Sarah is passionate about eliminating reproductive healthcare barriers that Missourians are facing following the ongoing abortion bans. She is involved in multicultural psychology research on campus and plans on using her degree to destigmatize sexual health and emphasize intersectionality within the realm of reproductive justice advocacy. 

Social media Coordinator

Emily Smith

Emily Silva (she/they) is a junior at Smith College pursuing a degree in the Study of Women and Gender focusing on queer and disability studies with a minor in Studio Art. Her interest in activism started in 2019 when she co-founded the Political Awareness Society at her high school. Since beginning their undergrad, they’ve developed an interest in reproductive justice and health. As a member of the 2023 Collective Rising Internship Cohort, Emily has worked on making information on reproductive health more accessible to a wider audience through her work with EC4EC this summer. In the future, she plans to continue learning about the intersection between disability and the lgbtq+ community, as well as how these identities can affect an individual's experience with reproductive health. 

Project coordinators

Andi Beaudouin

Andi Beaudouin (they/them) is a senior at Loyola University Chicago studying molecular and cellular neuroscience, and minoring in biology, chemistry, and anthropology. As a marginalized person, Andi seeks to advocate for justice and accessibility in the healthcare world. Andi is a student organizer for Students for Reproductive Justice (SRJ), which is an anti-racist, queer-affirming and women-affirming space that organizes for reproductive justice at Loyola. SRJ distributes condoms, dental dams, lubricants, and menstrual cups across Loyola's campus. Hoping to expand on what SRJ offers, Andi has launched SRJ's emergency contraceptive peer-distribution program called "EZ EC". Andi is also a member of Advocates for Youth, and works frequently with the Condom Collective program. As a future healthcare professional, Andi firmly believes that everyone has a right to reproductive justice and reproductive freedom. 

Kelly Cleland

Kelly Cleland, MPA MPH (she/her) is the Executive Director of the American Society for Emergency Contraception. Kelly has more than 20 years of experience in the sexual and reproductive health field conducting research, advocacy, and writing projects focused on emergency contraception and medication abortion. Kelly received her MPA and MPH from Columbia University in 2002, where she concentrated in Population and Family Health. Kelly is a Fellow of the Society of Family Planning, a liaison to the Planned Parenthood National Medical Committee, and a member of the editorial journal Contraception


Nicola Brogan

Nicola Brogan, MSc, RN (She/her) (Nic-uh-la), is a fierce advocate and researcher specializing in women's reproductive health.  Jumping into the scene six years ago, Nicola found her passion for sexual health when she completed her undergraduate honours thesis "Exploring long-acting contraception use across Canada". Honing her skills, she continued on to a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences where she concentrated on adolescent's  use and access to contraception in rural Ontario.  Nicola is a graduate from the University of Ottawa, in Ottawa, ON, Canada, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences with a minor in Life Sciences, and a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. She also holds her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from the University of Rochester. She has been working with the American Society for Emergency Contraception for four years assisting with the planning of the annual meeting, the EC Jamboree, as well as developing factsheets and coordinating this initiative. When Nicola is not working on ASEC related projects, you can find her working in the local children's hospital emergency room.