EC4EC is a project of the American Society for Emergency Contraception (ASEC). We collaborate across campuses to share information, support, and strategy. EC4EC is guided by an advisory committee made up of students and staff/faculty from diverse institutions. 

Student Advisory Committee

Andi Beaudouin

Andi Beaudouin (they/them) is a rising junior at Loyola University Chicago studying molecular and cellular neuroscience, and minoring in biology, chemistry, and anthropology. As a marginalized person, Andi seeks to advocate for justice and accessibility in the healthcare world. Andi is a student organizer for Students for Reproductive Justice (SRJ), which is an anti-racist, queer-affirming and women-affirming space that organizes for reproductive justice at Loyola. SRJ distributes condoms, dental dams, lubricants, and menstrual cups across Loyola's campus. Hoping to expand on what SRJ offers, Andi has launched SRJ's emergency contraceptive peer-distribution program called "EZ EC". Andi is also a member of Advocates for Youth, and works frequently with the Condom Collective program. As a future healthcare professional, Andi firmly believes that everyone has a right to reproductive justice and reproductive freedom. 

Rose Brown

Rose Brown (they/them/theirs) is a sophomore at University of Illinois at Chicago studying Anthropology with a minor in Math. Rose is a dedicated activist with a special interest in intersecting queer rights. Their advocacy work began with co-founding a Gay-Straight Alliance in their conservative hometown. In the past, Rose has volunteered for a local Democratic society and had the opportunity to speak at a grassroots Democratic organization meeting. As an advisory member, Rose believes the LGBT+ community could benefit from education about emergency contraceptives in relation to assigned sex. 

Emma Donnelly

Emma Donnelly (she/they) is a first year Masters of Public Health student at the University of Southern Maine. Emma graduated from USM with a BA in Women and Gender Studies in 2019. Emma began working in reproductive health activism and education in 2015 while in undergrad. They started the student group Huskies for Reproductive Health in December 2015 which sought to provide education and sexual health resources to students at USM.


In 2017, she began working to change a law in Maine which prohibited the sale of non-prescription medications via vending machine. This bill was signed into law by Governor Janet Mills in June 2019. Now Emma hopes to sharpen their skills and public health knowledge in graduate school to further this work and continue to find solutions to eliminating barriers to accessing healthcare in Maine. 


Currently, she works as a supervisor at the women’s shelter in Portland, ME.

Nikita Kakkad

Nikita Kakkad (she/her) is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin studying Biomedical Engineering and Plan II. Her interest in advocating for better EC access on her campus stems from her interest in women's health and desire to pursue a career in medicine that is centered around reproductive justice. In the past, she has done research in the field of maternal mortality specifically with minority women. Nikita has only recently started working with EC4EC and local organizations to make EC more accessible to students, but she's excited about the potential for future projects.

Jynesis Lee

Raised in Summerville, South Carolina, Jynesis Lee (she/her) graduated from Cane Bay High School in 2020. She is now pursuing a degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry at Claflin University. She now withholds the positions with Fact Forward as a Peer Ambassador and Emerging Leader through her university. Jynesis is a member of the NAACP Chapter of Claflin University, Public Health Alliance Chapter of Claflin University, and Various campus community service activities. In the future, Jynesis aspires to be a Registered Nurse and plans to continue educating the youth as she does now.

Parteek Singh

Parteek Singh (he/him) is a graduate from the University of California, Davis. In his role as a student senator, Parteek led the EC Vending Machine Project. Since the completion of the project in 2017, he has been helping college students across the country with their EC Initiatives. In 2018, Parteek was invited to present at the EC Jamboree where he discussed his experience advocating for and implementing an EC vending machine on campus. That same year, he was was awarded The Ellertson Award for Innovation in EC.  Parteek is a great asset to the EC4EC team as his experience and dedication to EC advocacy will provide great insight to younger student activists embarking on similar journeys. 

Faculty Advisory Committee

Aisha Chaudhri 

Aisha Chaudhri (no pronouns, just my name pronounced: Ī-shuh CHOH-dhree) has been a social justice activist for over 21 years and has been working in nonprofits on Reproductive Justice (RJ) issues for over 13 years. Aisha has worked with immigrant survivors of gender-based violence at a domestic violence shelter and young people around sexual health, rights, and identities to create training programs on how to provide trauma-responsive social services and health care. Aisha is currently the RJ Manager at EverThrive Illinois leading the Contraceptive Justice Project, a community-driven contraceptive access project rooted in the RJ framework, and RJ-centered legislative and administrative policy advocacy. Aisha is also the co-chair of the board of directors at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) and is a steering committee member of the American Society for Emergency Contraception (ASEC). Aisha's commitment to anti-oppression work stays rooted in the experiences of marginalized communities including Aisha's own queer, femme, Punjabi, immigrant, and Muslim identities. 









 Jennifer Horner

Jennifer Horner (she/her) is a Bilingual Health Educator at Planned Parenthood of North and Central States. She teaches classes to all ages on a broad range of sexual health topics and has always been a champion of emergency contraception. Having worked in reproductive health care for over a decade, Jennfier loves working with young people on expanding accessibility and availability to sexual health resources and is extremely enthusiastic to be working with our young leadership team to expand emergency contraception access to campuses across the nation. 

Rebecca Stone 

Rebecca H. Stone, PharmD (she/her) is a clinical pharmacist and faculty member at the University of Georgia (UGA) College of Pharmacy. Dr. Stone completed two years of residency training and is a Board-Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist and Pharmacotherapy Specialist. Her area of expertise is medication use in Women's Health. She currently provides patient care and pharmacy services at Mercy Health Center, a free health center for the underserved in Athens, GA. Prior to her position at UGA, she served as faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), where she practiced in Women's Health Clinic and Family Medicine Clinic. Her research and scholarship interests include emergency contraception access, contraceptive access, and medication use during pregnancy. 


 Kelly Cleland

Kelly Cleland, MPA MPH (she/her) has more than 20 years of experience in the sexual and reproductive health field conducting research, advocacy, and writing projects. Kelly worked as a researcher in the Office of Population Research at Princeton University for 14 years, focusing on medication abortion and emergency contraception. As Executive Director of ASEC, Kelly creates guidelines and factsheets on challenging clinical questions, provides expert review of EC-related materials, develops the agenda for the ASEC annual meeting (the EC Jamboree), and supports collaboration among ASEC's 1,200+ constituents. Prior to her work at Princeton, Kelly evaluated comprehensive sexuality education programs at the University of California, San Francisco and Planned Parenthood of New York City. Kelly received her MPA and MPH from Columbia University in 2002, where she concentrated in Population and Family Health. Kelly is a Fellow of the Society of Family Planning, a liaison to the Planned Parenthood National Medical Committee, and a member of the editorial journal Contraception


Nicola Brogan

Nicola Brogan, MSc, RN (She/her) (Nic-uh-la), is a fierce advocate and researcher specializing in women's reproductive health.  Jumping into the scene six years ago, Nicola found her passion for sexual health when she completed her undergraduate honours thesis "Exploring long-acting contraception use across Canada". Honing her skills, she continued on to a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences where she concentrated on adolescent's  use and access to contraception in rural Ontario.  Nicola is a graduate from the University of Ottawa, in Ottawa, ON, Canada, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences with a minor in Life Sciences, and a Master's Degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. She also holds her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from the University of Rochester. She has been working with the American Society for Emergency Contraception for four years assisting with the planning of the annual meeting, the EC Jamboree, as well as developing factsheets and coordinating this initiative. Nicola is the proud founder of Thrive: "Like a girl",  a youth initiative that empowers girls/women to explore themselves and actively break down societal barriers surrounding self-esteem, confidence and reproductive autonomy. When Nicola is not working on ASEC related projects, you can find her working in the local children's hospital emergency room.