emergency contraception for every campus

In the face of mounting abortion restrictions in the US, emergency contraception (EC) is more crucial than ever. But real-world access is often difficult, especially for young people and low-income and BIPOC communities who bear the brunt of restrictive laws and policies, the devastating impact of which is compounded by racism and gender-based violence.  Individuals needing EC often face overlapping barriers such as cost, obstructions in pharmacies, and transportation.  EC is more likely to work the sooner it is taken, so these delays in access can mean the difference between preventing pregnancy and becoming pregnant. 


Emergency Contraception for Every Campus (EC4EC) is committed to building the power of students and breaking down access barriers. We work with student activists on campuses across the United States to promote EC access on campus through: 


Advocating for an EC Vending Machine

Vending machines can make EC provision convenient and accessible for students who need EC any time of day

Peer-to-peer distribution of EC

Directly providing EC to fellow students is a powerful way to address barriers such as cost, bureaucracy, and stigma


Check out our latest collaboration - The EC Access Network!