Join a national network of college students working to get young people the EC they need!

Applications to join the EC Access Network are open now!

Our peer-to-peer distribution work is expanding with the official launch of The EC Access Network in collaboration with Advocates for Youth


Members of the EC Access Network receive free emergency contraception to give out to students who need it now (or in the future!). As a collaboration between Emergency Contraception for Every Campus (EC4EC) and Advocates for Youth, we’ll also provide training on EC distribution and launching EC access campaigns on your campuses.


Six different EC brands have donated over 130,000 EC pills to the Network, and we’re ready to select 500 students nationwide. Apply by October 15!


For years, EC4EC has pioneered a EC access programs on more than 175 campuses in 41 states, and trained students to implement EC vending machines on campus and advocate for better access to EC through student health services. Now, we’re thrilled to have have the opportunity to expand our peer-to-peer EC distribution work to the large network of youth activists by working with Advocates for Youth.


The EC Access Network launches as young people are organizing for reproductive health care on college campuses, winning EC vending machines at nearly 50 colleges and universities and access to abortion pills on campus in New York and Massachusetts. For young people — especially low-income, POC, trans, queer, and other marginalized youth — accessing contraception can be unnecessarily difficult but crucially important to preventing unplanned pregnancies and protecting bodily autonomy. Building on the power and momentum of youth organizing, the EC Access Network will ensure students fighting for reproductive health care have the tools they need to ensure every young person can take control of their future.


A coalition of major companies have contributed EC pills to ensure students within the Network can access and distribute emergency contraception at no cost. Those companies include:

  • Bonita Pharmaceuticals
  • Cadence OTC
  • Curae Pharma360, a subsidiary of Medicines360
  • DermaCare BioSciences
  • Julie Products Inc.
  • Plan B One-Step