Peer-to-peer distribution of emergency contraception

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On some campuses, students face extra barriers to accessing EC. These can include colleges and universities that are: 


  • Religiously-affiliated or generally more conservative, with little or no contraceptive access on campus
  • Unable or unwilling to provide EC through student health services
  • Rural or geographically isolated from community sources of EC, such as pharmacies or clinics

Students can help meet this need by confidentially providing free (or low-cost) EC to other students, communicating through hotlines and online forms. EC4EC has several students working on these programs across the country and they would love to share their insights with new campus groups.


where do peer-to-peer distribution networks exist?

Student activists on campuses such as Georgetown University, Hampton University, and Tulane University have developed peer-to-peer EC distribution programs so that they can provide EC directly to fellow students in a discreet and confidential way.  Community groups across the country, including abortion funds and domestic violence shelters, participate in direct distribution. 


How does it work?

  • Identify if there is a need on campus for improved access to emergency contraception. This might be because the student health service on campus does not offer EC, the hours are restricted, location is difficult to get to, or the cost is too high. EC costs about $35-50 at pharmacies, so cost is a frequent barrier for students.
  • Figure out what should be included in EC kits - often condoms, pregnancy tests, lube, and information about sexual health resources - and identify sources for these products
  • Pull together a team of volunteers and set up a system, often through an online form or anonymous text line.
  • Get the word out through the campus newspaper, stickers, and social media!



If you think this model might be a good fit for your campus, here are some ways to get involved: 

  • Join our #EC4EC discussion group on Slack! Our group includes student activists and leaders from different types of campuses all over the country who share an interest in improving access to EC on campus. Contact us for more information!
  • Share our donation page with your networks to spread the word and help build resources for campus groups!
  • Download our comprehensive toolkit for campus groups interested in starting peer-to-peer EC distribution toolkit materials.


Peer-to-peer ec distribution RESOURCES

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Peer-to-Peer EC Distribution System
This guide walks you through each step of the process, from setting up your team, identifying resources, and creating your distribution system.
Step by Step Guide (Peer-to-peer Distrib
Adobe Acrobat Document 290.6 KB
EC Quick Facts Handout
A one-pager handout highlighting quick facts that all EC users should be aware of. Perfect for handing out with your peer-to-peer kits, at tabling events and throughout campus!
EC Fact Sheet_2024.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB
EC Quick Facts Postcard
A postcard sized handout highlighting quick facts that all EC users should be aware of. Perfect for handing out with your peer-to-peer kits, at tabling events and throughout campus!
EC4EC Info postcards - 2024.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 810.2 KB
EC 101 for Campus Stakeholders (Peer-to-Peer Distribution)
Key information for campus stakeholders about safety, efficacy, and importance of emergency contraception and why peer-to-peer distribution programs can be key to equitable access.
ASEC_FactSheet_P2PStakeholders_Sept 2023
Adobe Acrobat Document 260.1 KB
EC 101 for Parents (Peer-to-Peer Distribution)
Helpful background for parents and guardians who have questions about emergency contraception and peer-to-peer distribution.
EC101 for Parents (P2P).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 147.9 KB
EC 101: Your Guide to Emergency Contraception
The basics for individuals who need emergency contraception or just want to learn more.
EC 101.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 155.3 KB
Peer-to-Peer Distribution of Emergency Contraception on Campus: Legal Issues
Background information about legal risk and liability for students distributing emergency contraception.
ASEC_Liability Fact Sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 115.3 KB
Emergency Contraception: Myths and Truths
This fact sheet dispels common myths about emergency contraception, and explains what's real.
Adobe Acrobat Document 110.4 KB
Distribution of Emergency Contraception (EC) by Organizations: Legal Issues
ASEC_Community Org Liability Fact Sheet.
Adobe Acrobat Document 121.5 KB