How can vending machines help improve access to EC on campus?

A vending machine on campus can provide a confidential, lower-cost way for students to access EC and other sexual and reproductive health products. A vending machine can help improve access when placed in an accessible private space (such as a gender-neutral bathroom) in a building with extended hours, ideally 24/7.

Where do EC vending machines exist?

Student activists across the country have successfully advocated to introduce vending machines that include EC, condoms, and other sexual health products on their campus. These campuses include Harvard, University of California (UC) Davis , UC Los Angeles, UC Riverside, Stanford, Columbia, Dartmouth, and George Mason.

How can my campus group get involved?

If your campus reproductive health/rights/justice group is interested in bringing an EC vending machine to your campus, here are some ways to get started: 

  • Join our EC4EC discussion group! Our group includes student activists and leaders from different types of campuses all over the country who share an interest in improving access to EC on campus. Click here to get involved! 
  • Check out our EC Vending Machine toolkit materials below. The Toolkit includes some factsheets, a step-by-step guide, and some sample surveys to assess demand on your campus.



EC4EC: EC Vending Machine Step-by-step Guide
This step-by-step guide will walk you through advocating for and implementing an EC vending machine on your campus.
Adobe Acrobat Document 212.3 KB
EC4EC: Factsheet for Campus Stakeholders
This fact sheet will provide key information that may aid you in advocating for an EC vending machine with your campus stakeholders.
ASEC_FactSheet_ECVM Stakeholders_Final.p
Adobe Acrobat Document 187.1 KB
EC4EC: EC 101 Factsheet for Users
This fact sheet provides key information for users who may want to learn more about emergency contraception.
ASEC_FactSheet_EC 101 User_ECVMToolkit_F
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EC Myths and Truths Factsheet
In this factsheet, you will find common myths about emergency contraception and the "truths" you can use to help educate and advocate for better access.
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EC 101 Factsheet for Parents
This factsheet includes key information for parents or guardians who may want to learn more about emergency contraception and EC vending machines.
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